Tree Monsters of Forest Park

My partner and I were almost swallowed by this prehistoric swamp beast.
King of the forest, a Tyrannosaurus Rex leg and claws.
I ran for my life when this Tree Monster opened its mouth.
I snuck up from behind to capture this picture of “Dino Butt.”
Brontosaurus forelegs. This beast was enormous.
Skeletal remains of two Tree Monsters who fought to the death.
Straight out of Harry Potter and slightly out of focus. This giant Basilisk was slithering through the forest.
I trailed back to get an image of the giant Basilisk’s face.
Remains of a very frightening Horned Tree Beast.
Fossilized Styracosaurus horn
Remains of an Ice Age giant wild boar.
I think this tree sloth was still alive.
Is this a giant rabbit’s skull?
Giant alligators once roamed the forest swamplands.
This Tree Bear looks poised to attack even in the daytime.




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