Hard copies of these typed letters were discovered in an old camp trunk in the basement storage facility of one of the few buildings that remain standing in this Brooklyn neighborhood. The building is quite decrepit and is scheduled for demolition. The letters were found in November 2048 by a teenager who believes they were written by his great-grandfather. The letters are addressed to Mendel, the letter writer’s father, who appears to have been dead for at least six years when his son, whose name we are unsure of, started to write him. The son appears very agitated in some of the letters. With permission from the family, we are publishing them on the date they were written, only 28 years later.

November 13, 2020

Dear Mendel,

I’m up early this morning, no particular reason. Put up a pot of coffee, listen to morning jazz radio, and I’ve been reading the newspaper. I read it online now because of the COVID virus. My partner, you met her when we visited you in Florida, gets really nervous about the virus. We’re over seventy so we are “at risk.” She’s afraid newspaper delivery could expose us, so I agreed. I do miss turning the pages and feeling the paper. But these days, we miss a lot. I talk with the grandkids almost every day on this new computer program called Face Time where we can see each other while we talk. It is really quite amazing, but it is not the same as being with them. I remember how you and I used to talk on the phone while I was driving to work. You couldn’t believe I was talking through the car radio.

Yesterday I helped the twins with their school assignments using Face Time. They are sixteen and in eleventh grade. Mostly we do U.S. history together but I assist them with their other subjects too. They are taking classes from home online because of the virus. They are both good students but the “packages” they are supposed to complete are tedious and boring. They really need teachers and classmates to interact with. They’ve got me to help them understand the assigned work, but it’s not the same for them as being in a classroom full of combustible teenagers.

I was hoping for some good news this morning, about the election, about anything. I guess that’s my daily fantasy. The COVID virus is spiking across the country and the soon-to-be-former President ignores the virus and its impact while tweeting about make-believe election fraud. There was one surprisingly positive development (Not positive like testing positive for the virus). Election officials in the President’s Department of Homeland Security announced this election was the “most secure in American history.” That didn’t stop the maniac from tweeting “These states in question should immediately be put in the Trump Win column. Biden did not win, he lost by a lot!”

That’s it for today. Write to you soon.

Your son